Since 30 years, SilverFast is worldwide known as leading scanning and imaging software among photo amateurs and photo professionals. LaserSoft Imaging, the creators of SilverFast, is also known as flexible software engineer for tailor-made business solutions. The level of quality that the SilverFast software offers, makes it a valuable part in many business applications, too.

Using scanners as measurement and quality check devices

Quality management is a difficult thing to do. The more often you check your quality on a single item during the production, the more expensive it gets. Wherever optical checks are used for quality control, you can use a robot and a scanner to do at least some of the basic inspections for you. Scanners come with a calibrated light source that works independent of the surrounding light. Using SilverFast, scanners can be color-calibrated to gain even more reliability for color checks. Scanners are low cost, yet precise enough for a quick check at a lot of production stages, allowing you to add more quality check points and to gain a higher level of quality in an efficient way.

Scanner hardware and SilverFast software already offer solutions for many areas of application:

Healthcare & medical X-Rays

For small to medium doctor’s offices digital X-Ray equipment is unaffordable and doesn’t pay off. Film material is cost-efficient while offering good quality. The advantages in flexibility of digital X-Ray images however is undeniable. Learn more about how to get your X-Ray film digital without spending a fortune.
Download PDF: SilverFast X-Ray 8 Flyer


Color accuracy plays an important role in textile production. Colors have to be communicated all over the world precisely and every inexactness in color costs time and can render whole productions unusable. SilverFast TexColorAnalyzer uses Epson scanners as precise input devices to ensure high color accuracy throughout the production process. The whole process, from design to production, is speed up enormously with TexColorAnalyzer and the DMIx Cloud.
Download PDF: SilverFast TexColorAnalyzer PDF

SilverFast Automation

Automated scans are a very cost-efficient way to do quality checks, error detection and color measurements. SilverFast Automation software can be synchronized with a robot for automated scanning purposes. This flexible solution is a good alternative for quick quality checks during the production stages where high-priced, specialized quality checking machines would be overdoing things and wouldn’t pay off. SilverFast Automation can contribute to the overall quality of your products. Don’t leave quality checks out due to high costs, use appropriate solutions.

Cultural Heritage

Uncountable photos, slides and filmstrips bear witness of the history of mankind during the past 100 years. This film material is an invaluable source of information and needs to be digitized before chemical processes, aging and storing conditions leave the film useless. The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art, both in New York, use SilverFast for their digitization projects for several years already. The sophisticated concept behind the SilverFast Archive Suite makes it the ideal solution for the digitization of film material and a top choice for museums all over the globe.

Identity Card solutions

For countries and companies where ID cards are produced on the basis of a photo taken by a photographer or countries where preliminary Identity documents are printed on a special kind of ID paper, SilverFast OfficeScan&Print is something to look at. SilverFast OfficeScan&Print is widely used in German ID card creation by Bundesdruckerei (Federal Printing Agency) due to the particular image optimization for ID cards and its special ink setup for wipe resistant and quick to dry prints.

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